Feb 24, 2008

No real winter this season ...... :(((

Holland is famous for the total absence of a true winter season. During the last 10-20 years we have had only 2 days of snow during each period of october till april. A blessing for those who are fighting tons of snow daily, but a true pity for us who see snow only once each season.

If we receive snow, it is a pile of 10-15cm (thank you Odin) at once. We enjoy the single day of "true winter"and enjoy the beauty full landscapes it creates. Next day papers are filled with local scenery pictures. The snow usually disappears already within a day or two.

2006/7 *winter season* surprised us with the real thing, see left picture.
2007/8 showed some 1 to 3 cm of snow during the 2 days...... so far, see right picture.
Can you spot the 7 different VHF/UHF antennas ?

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