May 6, 2008

SteppIR @PI4TUE- part 1

Last weekend we started building the SteppIR 3el yagi for our clubstation PI4TUE at the University of Eindhoven. On the above pic: on the right front Aurelio, PC5A, on the right back Rens, PA3FGA and me in the left corner.

First all parts are checked.

Glass fibre tubes are treated with rough sandpaper in order to create a better grip.

Boom and motor sections are ready & tested.

Next action:

  • Remove current Fritzel FB33 yagi from the roof (220ft AGL)
  • Install new SteppIR 3el yagi
  • Install new coax cable

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

Do not forget to use a truss for the boom. Although the boom is rather rugged and made of good quality aluminum (6061-T6) it sags quite a bit (still have to do this for my own SteppIR ...).

BTW. radiation plots of my 6m beam are included now.