Jun 10, 2008

Nostalgia; Radio & TV Broadcast Antennas

Current summer weather does not allow for weekend HAM projects. Being that ”radio-nerd” doesn’t mean I do not actively enjoy sunshine and outdoors activities like sports. In fact I do and I care less about the missed opportunity to HK and JY on 6m these last few days (new ones so, do I really???).

Anyway, while swimming in Bückeburg (Germany) I noticed a typical classic german Radio& Television tower in the background. This kind of view brings back early memories of our summer holiday car travel to Switzerland, Italy or Austria, during which I spotted many of those Radio/TV towers along the german highway (Autobahn).

During the trip home we passed this one more closely while taking an alternative route(B65) to the Autobahn (A2). This Radio&TV tower is situated on top of the Jakobsberg near the city of Porta Westfalica. More detailed info on the geographical site and the tower can be found on:


According this website: http://www.senderfotos.de/nrw.htm , the site is open for public. This 135m high tower can be visited at the first level (25mtrs). The two large surroundings are at 50 and 58m height.

Before the closing down analogue TV it served:
ZDF UHF ch 26/300KW
WDR UHF ch57/330KW
NDR UHF ch54/20KW
These analogue transmitters have been shutdown since may 2006, from which DVBT was started.

Today the tower serves:
95.7MHz FM "Radio westfalica"
WDR-Bouquet 1 UHF ch26/5KW
WDR-Bouquest 2 Bielefeld UHF ch31/5KW
ZDFmobil-Bouquet UHF ch33/5KW

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