May 24, 2009

You get what you.......

Ok, what's wrong in this picture?

Issue #1
N-socket nicked, coming loose from its mounting plate.
Also some nickel plating chipped off on the right.
Result from rough handling? Wrong tools / overtightening the applied N-connector?

None of this all.
Its the Heavy Duty N-connector and Ecoflex-15 (15mm coax) which did this in just 2.5 weeks during our last fieldday setup in HB0 at 2020mtrs ASL. Despite the coax being taped to the boom, it put too much stress on the socket while being turned. Needs better fixation against self rotating,more slack around the rotating mast etc... next time.

Looking at this type of socket we need to invest in better quality stuff whenever it matters (doesn't that always?).
It became a habit of locating a good deal (read cheap) of connectors & sockets at every hamfest we visited. Nowadays we are more serious on buying large qty's of the good stuff together with other hams from:
UKW Berichte

So the nickel-crimped version is exchanged for a machined silver teflon version.

Issue #2
Spotted the rust color on the top edge of the socket on the 1st picture?
That's not from the socket, since these are made from chrome plated brass. It's the 4 mounting screws.
From the local DIY store, type galvanized. Equivalent to: lasts one weekend.

Now you might think "buying Stainless Steel ends this, right?".
Not really.
There are plenty of "SS" versions around and the ones with real durability are difficult to find. Your DIY store probabely only has the (again) cheap version available.....

I know; not every single screw needs to be 100 micron goldplated, navy-proof and such.
But think again when you come across the next auction of cheap stuff.

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