Feb 20, 2010

50 MHz Bandpass Filter from Cross Country Wireless (UK)

Why a bandpass filter for 6m?
I recently ordered this from Cross Country Wireless and received this the other day.

There is a couple of reasons in no particular order:

  • Release any front-end(pre-amp) from strong out of band signals, thereby avoiding possible IM from local FM broadcast etc.
  • Avoid total blocking of 144Mhz while transmitting on 50Mhz
Both my transceiver, transverter and/or seperate pre-amp have internal bandpass filtering. The pre-amp even has a carefully tuned sharp helical filter. But in all cases the filtering is either very wideband or only after the LNA. A seperate, dedicated 6m bandpass filter might clear things up, in theory that is.

The Cross Country Wireless offers bandpass filters for 50, 70 and 144 Mhz. They handle 100W RF power and contain a built-in lightning surge arrestor as well. High voltage spike protection too; nice !

The bandpass filter comes with a filter test certificate, detailing RF and VSWR performance.

Final question: "will it result in more QSO's yes/no?"

Let's evaluate that in a few months.

For now I have to catch my next shift in the ARRL DX CW contest at our clubstation PI4TUE.
Have fun guys!


Lightning Surge Arrestors said...

This post is all about "50 MHz Bandpass Filter from Cross Country Wireless (UK)"....

Mark, PA5MW said...

Yes, indeed it is.
Just what the title says.

As the 50Mhz band currently still is closed till end of may/early june, I cannot share any experiences yet.
I'm routing this bandfilter via a cross-relay coax switch so I can make some kind of direct with/without comparison.

73 Mark