Aug 8, 2008

Peurto Rico on 6m with 15W output only !

The Icom 746 has been returned to its owner.
It's already end of the ES season, so only a noisy band right?
All of a sudden the cluster yells that WP3UX is loud on six. Now I have already worked 2 KP4's this season, but hey 'it tickles'.. catch my drift?

I do have an Elecraft K2 and the 50MHz transverter (XV50). After juggling with some coax spaghetti behind the desk I'm in hunting mode. Darn, he is LOUD !!!
Willem is working europeans in true contest style. I cannot get through though, having only the transverter and no PA.
After some 30min I finally manage to get through when he is peaking S9 on the K2 (pre-amp off).
Willem mentions that there are zillions of EU-stations coming in and he is using 400W against my 15 :))

Aurelio, PC5A who I was in contact with on 145MHz hears this conversations too. I convince him to try it as well; within 2 minutes Aurelio makes it to Peurto Rico, using only a 1.5 mtrs whip on his balcony !!!

This evening I worked GD, GW and 7X (new one !) which brings my cty total up to 56 for 2008.

So it is a true magic band after all......

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