Aug 8, 2008

What are those two hams doing exactly?

OK let's make a contest out of this; what's going on here..........???

I wonder who guesses this right :))


Claudia said...

I know, but I'm not telling :))

Anonymous said...

Trying to read the notebook's screen so they can log the contacts?
Tot ziens!

andy - py1vhf

Mark, PA5MW said...

I'll give you a hint; take a good look at the 4th picture at the simple multi-band vertical blog entry.
Groeten !

Anonymous said...

Is that an antenna analyzer's probe???


Mark, PA5MW said...

Exactly !

The small blue box is the Mini-VA (?)network/antenna analyzer.

They are analyzing the data on the notebook screen before doing the next physical adjustment on the multi-band vertical.
On the mountain the sun was way too bright that day, while at the same time the temperature was only about +6 degrees Celsius.

My compliments Andy :)

73 Mark, PA5MW

Anonymous said...

Ah... You mean Mini-VNA?
The Italian designed one?
Very interesting piece of software-hardware.

Andy - PY1VHF

Mark, PA5MW said...

Right you are.
Indeed a nice tool for on both in the field and at home. Shows much more info in less time than what current antenna anylyzers like the MFJ 269 and Palstar 30 can offer.
This mini VNA belongs to Aurelio, PC5A (shown left on the picture).