Dec 31, 2008

New 430 MHz antennas part II

Finally a relay was found
The previous mentioned coax relay type CX520D was found, but it is way too large to fit inside the weatherproof box and have 3 N-connectors connected.
Some more digging inside the junk closet offered a smaller version CX120A. This one has direct solder contacts with 5mm coax entries. After several unsuccesfull direct plumbing attempts, I decided using 5mm teflon RG142 coax as pig tails. Perhaps costing some tenths of dB due to possible minor SWR mismatches, but then again loosing the N-connectors is already 2x 0.15dB (theoratically).
Ah forget about the dB-Bullshit; it will offer fine QSO's I'm sure!

Not the slickest looking solution, but done with care for reliability.
The IP66 plastic box outlets are weatherproof, but I added liquid rubber for additional protection.

The coldest night in Holland for 2008
Early this morning I found that the 430Mhz omni vertical was affected by last nights -9 degrees celsius frost. Our coldest night of 2008 !

That is not white paint but frost; see the close-up.

The coaxes are cut and have N-connectors.
Another antenna preparation ready for the soon-to-be antenna overhaul.

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