Dec 27, 2008

New 430MHz antennas

There's currently a lot of VHF/UHF antennnas lying around here. Some from fieldday setups, holiday/contest packet links, or just waiting for 'that new project'.
Well since there is very little activity in CW/SSB on 430MHz, I never got to setup a decent yagi at this new QTH. I'm not into UHF dx'ing anyway; my focus lies on 50/144. You can't do all bands, unless you spend (too) many time in the shack, right?
FM repeater dx'ing is something I do like and since I'm preparing new omni-verticals, I decided to add one of the available yagis to the new mounting bracket.

This is a Flexa type FX7044, 16el for 430-440Mhz. Boomlength is 3.10mtr. The Flexa Yagi, is extremely light weight (1.7Kg) and has the lowest windload on the market. Its 2mm dia steel elements are subject to discussion in terms of achievable gain, but for my application it is perfect.

The white spots indicate spray paint. It is a special spray paint which can be used on all surfaces and even rost. I'm using this for endured weather protectection, other plastic sparys etc. never did last very long.

What's next?
Both antennas connect to the same UHF rig, so a coax switch box is needed.
There must be a CX520D coaxial switch somewhere in that closet.....

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